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AusNCP Procedures

Procedures for dealing with complaints brought forward under the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises

The following documents should be used for complaints brought to the AusNCP. If you are preparing a complaint, or are a party involved in a complaint, we encourage you to read these procedures and make use of our submission form.

  • AusNCP procedures [PDF 2.36MB | Word 266KB] – These procedures explain the processes used by the AusNCP when considering cases. They are based on procedural guidance offered in the OECD Guidelines and were updated in September 2019 following a public consultation process. Submissions received during this process are available for viewing.
  • Process flowchart [PDF 223KB] – this diagram provides a simplified version of the case handling process.
  • Submission form – this is the best way to submit a new complaint to the AusNCP and gives users a sense of the information we require upfront.

Enquiries can be directed to the AusNCP Secretariat on +61 2 6263 3777 or via email to . You can view superseded versions of our procedural guidance using the links below.

Consultation on procedures