About the AusNCP

The Australian National Contact Point for Responsible Business Conduct (AusNCP) promotes the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and related due diligence guidance. The AusNCP also promotes the benefits of responsible business conduct standards and helps resolve complaints relating to implementation of the OECD Guidelines.

The AusNCP, was established in 2000 and reformed in 2019 after an independent review of its administrative structure. The AusNCP has three parts to its structure – a Secretariat, Independent Examiners and a multi‑stakeholder Board.

The AusNCP Secretariat located in Corporations Branch, Market Conduct Division, Treasury provides secretariat services for the AusNCP and represents Australia in international forums on responsible business conduct.

The AusNCP Independent Examiners are responsible for managing all complaints against multinationals brought to the AusNCP, including decision‑making, communication and conciliation with parties, and statements on findings.

The AusNCP Governance and Advisory Board comprises representatives from Australian Government, civil society, business and unions. Board members promote responsible business conduct under the OECD Guidelines and support the Independent Examiners to manage complaints through expert advice.

Please see our AusNCP for Responsible Business Conduct Fact Sheet.

What is a National Contact Point?