About the AusNCP


The Australian National Contact Point for Responsible Business Conduct (AusNCP):

  • promotes responsible business conduct standards under the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises on Responsible Business Conduct (OECD Guidelines) and the OECD due diligence guidance 
  • helps resolve complaints against multinational enterprises relating to implementation of the OECD Guidelines. 

The AusNCP complaints mechanism provides a forum for parties to work together to resolve issues. It is not a legal process. Participation in the process is voluntary, but strongly encouraged.


The AusNCP was established in 2000 and reformed in 2019 after an independent review.

In 2021, NCP counterparts in New Zealand, Italy and Sweden conducted an OECD peer review of the AusNCP.

The AusNCP published its response [PDF 292KB] to the final report [PDF 825KB] in 2022 and presented its progress report [PDF 424KB] to the OECD Working Party for Responsible Business Conduct in 2023.



The Secretariat in Treasury manages the AusNCP and represents Australia in international forums on responsible business conduct.

The Secretariat is in the Market Conduct and Digital Division of Treasury.

Independent examiners

The independent examiners are experts contracted to Treasury to manage complaints against multinational enterprises brought to the AusNCP, including:

  • decision-making
  • communication and conciliation with parties
  • publishing statements on findings. 

Independent examiners also raise awareness of the AusNCP functions and promote responsible business conduct standards under the OECD Guidelines through their networks and events.

Governance and Advisory Board

The Governance and Advisory Board has representatives from the Australian Government, civil society, business and unions.

Board members promote responsible business conduct standards under the OECD Guidelines and provide expert advice to the independent examiners to help manage complaints.

Fact sheets

National Contact Points

All governments adhering to the OECD Guidelines have a legal obligation to set up a National Contact Point for Responsible Business Conduct (NCP). The AusNCP is one of over 50 NCPs established by governments across the world.

NCPs are not judicial bodies.

They provide a grievance mechanism to handle complaints about the implementation of the guidelines by multinational enterprises.

NCPs assess complaints against the OECD Guidelines criteria and bring parties together for mutually beneficial dialogue (referred to as 'good offices') to increase awareness of the OECD Guidelines and encourage resolution of issues raised in complaints.

National Contact Point video

Watch the OECD's video for an overview of National Contact Points.