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Track an open complaint

The AusNCP handles complaints about alleged non-observance of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. A list of active cases currently being handled by the AusNCP is available below. View closed complaints.

Active Complaints

ID Received Notifier Enterprise Location of activity Status (May 2022) Statements
21 September 2020 Human Rights Law Centre on behalf of affected individuals Rio Tinto Papua New Guinea Good Offices – Panguna mine impact assessment

AusNCP Update Statement December 2021

AusNCP Update & Parties’ Joint Statement July 2021

23 January 2021 Global Legal Action Network Anglo American Plc, BHP Group Ltd and Glencore International AG Colombia Good Offices Initial Assessment – January 2022
25 August 2021 Parella Law on behalf of an affected individual Australian-based enterprise (property and infrastructure sector) United States Good Offices Initial Assessment – December 2021
26 September 2021 Justicia y Reparación on behalf of affected individuals Australian-based enterprise (mining sector) Chile Initial Assessment – consultation and information gathering  
27 September 2021 Publish What You Pay Australia on behalf of Myanmar-based civil society organisations Mallee Resources Ltd (formerly Myanmar Metals Ltd) Myanmar Initial Assessment – Alternative Examiner appointed - consultation and information gathering  
28 September 2021 Andrew and Robert Starkey Saab Australia and Saab Group Sweden Australia Good Offices Initial Assessment – April 2022
29 December 2021 Project Sepik and Jubilee Australia Research Centre on behalf of affected Sepik River communities PanAust Limited Papua New Guinea

Initial Assessment – consultation and information gathering

30 December 2021 Marque Lawyers on behalf of affected individuals Qatar Airways Qatar Initial Assessment – consultation and information gathering  


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