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Risk Awareness Tool

The OECD Risk Awareness Tool for Multinational Enterprises in Weak Governance Zones (the Risk Awareness Tool) was adopted by the OECD Council on 8 June 2006. It aims to help companies that invest in countries where governments are unwilling or unable to assume their responsibilities.

The Risk Awareness Tool addresses risks and ethical dilemmas that companies are likely to face in such weak governance zones, including:

  • obeying the law and observing international instruments;
  • heightened care in managing investments;
  • knowing business partners and clients and dealing with public sector officials;
  • speaking out about wrongdoing.

Drawing on the Guidelines and the recognised strengths of the OECD in the integrity area, the Risk Awareness Tool focuses on those issues about which the OECD integrity instruments shed light. In addition to the Guidelines, these instruments include the Convention and Recommendations on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials and the Guidelines for Managing Conflict of Interest in the Public Sector. The importance of this work is recognised by the United Nations Security Council and by G8 Heads of State and it will serve as a basis for ongoing OECD outreach on investment issues in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

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