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                    Not-For-Profit Taskforce

Sectoral Guidance

The OECD has developed sectoral guidelines which aim to help enterprises identify and respond to risks of adverse impacts associated with particular sectors. These projects do not aim to create any new responsibilities or recommendations in addition to those in the Guidelines.


This guidance provides detailed recommendations to help companies respect and avoid contributing to conflict through their mineral purchasing decisions and practices.


This guidance provides a practical framework for identifying and managing risks with regard to stakeholder engagement activities.

Garment and Footwear

This guidance supports a common understanding of due diligence and responsible supply chain management in the garment and footwear sector.


The OECD and the UN FAO have developed guidance to help enterprises observe standards of responsible business conduct in the agricultural supply chain.

Institutional Investors

This paper highlights key considerations for institutional investors in carrying out due diligence to identify and respond to environmental and social risks.

Child Labour

This paper aims to help companies identify and address the worst forms of child labour in their mineral supply chain.