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Guidelines & the Environment

The Environment and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises: Corporate tools and approaches (Corporate Tools and Approaches) draws the attention of multinational enterprises, governments and members of civil society to the environmental aspects of the Guidelines. It provides in‑depth information and case studies on the tools and approaches available to companies that seek to upgrade their environmental performance by following the environment chapter of the Guidelines.

Sound environmental management is an important contribution to sustainable development, and it is increasingly seen as both a business responsibility and a business opportunity. The environment chapter of the Guidelines (see page 78) encourages multinational enterprises to raise their environmental performance by improving internal environmental management practices and seeking continuous environmental improvements. These can be achieved through a range of tools and approaches relating to environmental management, such as:

  • engaging in public information and stakeholder consultation;
  • assessing environmental impacts through the whole life cycle of processes;
  • acting with precaution; providing for contingency planning;
  • ensuring environmental training;
  • contributing to the development of environmental policy.

The development of Corporate Tools and Approaches to enhance environmental performance is the result of a joint undertaking by the OECD Environment Policy Committee and the OECD Investment Committee.

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